Pimp: Penzey’s Spices

I’m one of those folks who like sharing the joy when I know about a product or service or company or, well, anything that I like and respect. As such things come to mind or are discovered, I’ll take a moment or seven (these posts don’t witty-up and write themselves, you know…) to tell you about them. Just look for my blingy chalice for one of these Pimp-ed out posts.

In the pile of j-u-n-q-u-e the postie brought today was my quarterly catalog from Penzey’s Spices. I did a little happy dance in my front foyer. Penzey’s! Spice nirvana! Essences and enhancements as far as the eye can see.

It’s a bit of well-seasoned heaven for those of us who like to cook.

Do y'all know about Penzey's? Let me enlighten you...

Penzey’s Spices carries over 250 herbs, spices and seasoning blends from literally around the world. Eight different curry combinations. Chili peppers, with heat unit classifications to help you decide what level of thermonuclear kaboom you want in your dish. Salad dressing combos. Highest quality vanilla. Spices for baking. Barbequing. Extracts. Salts. Spices you’ve heard of – and spices you haven’t.

Yeah. I’m a fan.

I’ve given their cocoa mix as part of holiday gift baskets and sent guests home with salad dressing mix. My kitchen spice cabinet looks like a Penzey’s showcase.

The company is big-time, with an increasing number of retail outlets in addition to a booming mail order business, but still has a very customer-friendly feel. Each catalog is filled with recipes that showcase the spices. Each item has a very comprehensive description, which is very helpful for trying that new-to-you spice or seasoning.

Have I sold you yet?

You might think that being such a niche kind of business, Penzey’s might be uber-expensive. They’re not cheap –but they’re not over-priced either. For the quality and variety, it’s coin well spent. In that same vein, they offer spices in different amounts/sizes. I recommend ordering the smallest amount (usually ¼ cup) to see if you like it and to see how often/ how much you’ll be using. Once you figure that out, there are larger quantity options to meet whatever need you probably have.

My final suggestion: go visit the website (penzeys.com) and sign up to receive a hard copy catalog. You’ll not only get a welcome piece of mail from the postie, but this is one instance that the catalog is a better “sell” for the company than the no-frills but easy-to-access website.

And when you do place your order (how’s that for positive thinking!) drop me a line and let me know what you bought. We can compare notes. And you might give me an idea for something to add to my next order. Mwha ha ha.

FYI: I’m not a Penzey’s employee/compensated shill. I just really dig the company and wanted to share.


  1. Sweet, I'll give them a look see! :)

  2. We have a Penzey's in Old Town Arvada and I do love it!