Want Don't Need: Le Creuset Cassoulet Set

We moved into a new house about six months ago. And while there are still myriad things to do to make this house look like our home -- putting pictures on the wall and getting my office/closet room organized tied for the top position on that list -- there is one room where I am still unpacking boxes of stuff.

The kitchen

Try to contain your surprise.

It's not just gadgets, either -- it's the accoutrements that go along with the gadgets. The serving pieces. Platters. Bowls. Divided servers. Fondue accessories. Marble cheese blocks. A coordinated set of a pitcher/three-bowl-salsa-server/margarita glass salter.

I never realized how many Southern Living at Home and Pampered Chef parties I attended until I started unpacking this crap. Damn.

So when I saw a New! featured item from Le Creuset pop up on my Facebook page this morning I had to check it out.

The Le Creuset Cassoulet Set. A cooking vessel with matching serving bowls.

Have I ever made cassoulet? Who cares! This set is so darm fabulous that I will learn! (By the way, I haven't. Yet.)

Does it matter that the color isn't/doesn't match my existing collection of kiwi Le Creuset? Not at all! Variety is good!

Just look at that blueberry cobbler, sitting there so tempting -- the cookware makes it look good. Heh.

I'm just going to add this to my rolling wish list for now -- it's definitely a Want Don't Need item. But my birthday is coming up soon, so who knows... there might be a cassoulet thank you for some lucky soul.

Just keep that in mind.

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